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DIU’s Team Tigers wins 'Runner Up' position in International


Flutter Hackathon 2020

‘Team Tigers' consisting of 5 students of the Department of Software Engineering of Daffodil
International University has proudly secured. the 'Runner Up' position in the International Flutter
Mobile Apps Hackathon with the project 'Donate Plasma'. The winning team members are
Shunjid Rahaman Shourav (Team Leader), Shah Fahad Hossain (Presentation Developer).,
Zubayer Alam (UI Architect) ,Abu Sufian Shibli (Programmer), Nadia Nasrin (Voice of the
Presentation) International Flutter Hackathon 2020 (#Hack20) is an International Hackathon,
sponsored by Google, where the challenge was to develop a mobile application within 48 hours
using the cross-platform mobile application framework Flutter.650 teams from all around the
world competed in this gala competition and Team Tigers was declared as Runner Up winner at
last night on July 03, 2020
"Donate Plasma" is a cross-platform mobile app built with flutter for connecting COVID-19
patients and the patients recently recovered from COVID-19 willing to donate their plasma for
effective treatment. Bangladesh as well as Daffodil International University is proud of this
achievement of the students where they used their knowledge with technology to explore
the solution of the current COVID-19 pandemic.